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Fees and Payment

Editing Rates

Rates depend on the length of the document, the complexity and difficulty of the job, and the amount of time available for the edit. The minimum charge is $50.

After receiving and examining your document, or a representative sample in the case of long documents, I will give you a quote in US dollars for either the entire project or for each 250-word page. There is no charge for the quote.

Quotes for journal articles ( <=30 pages) to be returned within 10 business days are usually less than US $300.


I will send an invoice when the edited manuscript is returned. For very large projects, interim payments may be requested. Currently, payments (in US dollars) may be made by check drawn on a US bank, by wire transfer, or through PayPal or Kagi. Both PayPal and Kagi accept credit cards.

Do not pay before receiving your invoice.

PayPal is widely available and easy to use, but you must have a PayPal account. Click here to see if PayPal is available in your country.

Kagi is available worldwide, and you do not need to have your own account.

          Pay with Kagi